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"All or nothing" is my perspective in life. Dramatic? Yes. Just like my paintings. Ironically, even though my paintings are bold they inspire a sense of peace and reflection. I believe this sense of calm is born in a moment when something vast is encountered and it demands a 'pause' from the mental chatter. 


I love my research process because getting out into the mountains is a necessary part of inspiration. My paintings are inspired by photos taken during hikes, climbs, and various adventures outdoors. As a result, all my painting subjects are local and they reflect my own connection with nature. 

Before I started painting, I was convinced that I would be an Impressionist obsessed with colour. Somehow I ended up being a Realist seduced by the power of light to alter and define our perception of the world. I'm captivated by the ability of light to manipulate the colours and definition of a landscape and transform it into something completely unfamiliar.

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