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What is a giclée paper print? 

A giclée paper print is created from a digital file (300 dpi) and printed on acid free paper with fine art ink (which prevents the print from deteriorating over time).

Paper prints can be open edition prints or limited edition prints. Open edition prints have no limit to how many prints will be made. Limited edition prints are signed, titled and numbered. Limited edition paper prints will be available in two different sizes.



Do I need to frame a paper print? How do I frame a paper print? 

I recommend framing a paper print as the frame will protect the print over time.

My paper prints are non-standard sizes but they come with a white border large enough to fit into a standard size frame, which makes the framing process simple. I also offer custom mats as an extra level of protection for your print and if you want to go all out, you can order a white wood frame on my website.


However, if you would like to get a different frame or a custom frame for your print, here are some options:


1) The easiest framing option is to take your print to a local art or framing store for a custom frame (for example, Michaels or OPUS). No assembly required, everything is done for you!

2) The second option is to order a custom frame and mat online. This option includes frames made out of wood and glass. I suggest Custom Frames Canada and OPUS. Assembly will be required if you are ordering a larger frame.

3) The most economical option is to buy a standard sized, ready-made frame, in-store or online. This option includes frames made out of fibreboard and polystyrene. Michaels and IKEA have many frame choices that fit this standard.


What is a stretched canvas print?
Do I need to frame a stretched canvas print?

A stretched canvas print is created from a digital file (300 dpi), printed on canvas and stretched over wooden stretcher bars. Stretched print canvases will look very similar to the original painting but will lack paint texture (the surface of the print will be flat). Leaving a stretched canvas print unframed is a popular choice, but there are framing options. 


As with framing a paper print, the best way to frame a stretched canvas print is to take it to a local art or framing store (for example, Michaels or OPUS). 


If I live near Squamish (BC), or am visiting, could I pick up a print or painting directly from the artist? 

Yes. Email the artist on the "Connect" page to order a print and set up a time/date to pick up the print or painting. 

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