Landscape artist, J. D. Robinson, uses vivid light and contrasting colour to guide her viewers on an intimate journey of her local, British Columbian environment. Robinson’s work is realistic, yet her focus on contrast lends a surreal element to her mostly acrylic portraits of Canadian mountains, reflections, and forests.


Permeating each canvas is her belief that light is an infinitely creative force that plays on landscapes; it’s constantly shifting and revealing a new perspective on a familiar place. Self-taught, Robinson began painting to express her personal and family connection to the mountains, a connection that was initially established through a rural childhood of rock climbing, hiking, and skiing. Robinson learned how to appreciate the outdoors through her early experiences with her parents as her guide. She learned that devotion means taking the time to notice the details; such as the smell of warming pine needles; the refreshing afterglow of a dip in a glacial lake; the way the snow muffles and quiets the world and the endless colours of water.


Her paintings are a window into the way she sees and appreciates the mountains, valleys, skies and other wild subjects she portrays. Through her paintings and her stories, Robinson hopes to inspire viewers with a sense of connection and advocacy for these natural places. 

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